Management Information Systems


In many international cooperation projects, distributing goods, works, and services to beneficiaries plays a central role in meeting project objectives. The types of goods, works, and services to be distributed can be manifold: from health products, education vouchers, insurance benefits, and benefit payments to investment measures and tenders. In this context, the use of IT tools for collecting and processing data has become a prerequisite for effective and efficient workflow management, monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI), reporting performance to donors and partner organizations, and increasing transparency. Software technology applications must be adjusted to specific needs within international cooperation, addressing the dilemma of providing up-to-date technology without extra license costs. In addition, the use of international standard software is essential to guarantee sustainability and durability of IT systems.


GFA B.I.S. Services

Over the past twelve years, GFA B.I.S. has specialized in implementing IT systems adapted to international cooperation and has completed over 80 projects worldwide. For MIS systems, we have developed a specialized product, exMIS, based on global open-source components such as Java® and Jaspersoft®, the world’s most widely used business intelligence software.

The individualized MIS solution can be cloud based, in a network environment, or used on a single personal computer. exMIS has a modular design that covers a wide range of applications and is primarily web based. Individual modules can be selected and combined in line with specific project requirements.  

In addition to general modules for entry and reporting, the data warehouse module allows for easy and smooth integration of existing data, while the dashboard module facilitates graphical presentation of KPIs. For special requirements, such as decentralized data entry without an internet connection, we have developed Excel®-based entry and reporting templates.

Experience shows that although every project has specific challenges and requiremements for the MIS system, main objectives such as operability, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and transparency are similar across all projects. With exMIS we have developed a solution flexible enough to respond to the specific challenges and requirements of each project and standardized enough to enable fast implementation. The software’s modular design not only allows fast and tailored implementation but also easy scalability. Thus, exMIS assists projects in achieving their objectives quickly and at reasonable costs. exMIS follows standardized implementation methodologies and offers complete IT-related services thoughout the project’s duration.

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