Web-based Software Applications

Rural Water and Sanitation Project, Syria

European Investment Bank, 2010 - 2011

Project Summary – The objective of the project is to improve the technical and financial performance of the Damascus Water Supply and Sewerage Authority’s water and sanitation services in the area of Rural Damascus. The project has developed operation and maintenance procedures that serve as best practice experiences in Syria. GFA experts provide inputs in business planning and benchmarking, technical work planning, water loss reduction, customer information, billing and accounting as well as human resources development.

GFA B.I.S. Services – GFA BIS was commissioned by GFA Consulting Group to provide a Customer Service Software to four units of the service area. The GFA Utility tool “Water Billing” is a software package that can handle customers, connections, meters, invoices and outstanding debts and an Arabic interface (including left to right). With this software package the units become on the one hand more independent from the headquarters (calculating and printing of invoices is decentralized) and on the other hand they receive a full picture of all customer related activities using customized reports.