• Monitoring & Evaluation Systems

Our approach

Efficient Monitoring & Evaluation has become a standard component in nearly all projects and is a prime target for digitalization. Even though the project specific requirements are different, many functionalities and necessary software components are common, which allows us to approach ICT based M&E with a modular approach for upcoming projects.

Our services

GFA B.I.S. offers its services and experience to build you an ICT based M&E solution that is tailored precisely to your requirements in close interaction with the system’s users and with an intuitive user interface.

Over the past years, GFA B.I.S. has implemented M&E Tools in various projects. These have culminated in our DACOTA platform which offers a highly modular and flexible approach to nearly all monitoring needs. It offers a modern and intuitive user interface based on the Material Design design language, commonly known from its use in Google’s Android smartphone operating system and for its simplicity and visual clarity.


Dacota is made up of interchangeable components which will be selected and put together to meet the needs of the individual project. It has a number of connectors ready for integration with external components such as mobile data collection tools, picture galleries, dashboarding and reporting tools. Additional connectors can be added as needed.

In addition to data management capabilities, mapping features and attachment handling are built into the core of Dacota. Advanced data analysis and visualization features enable you to gain insights quickly but remain easy to extend by technical users.

A typical configuration, for example, might accept new data and data updates through a Web interface and through the World Bank’s Survey Solutions mobile data collection tool. Images taken during mobile data collection campaigns are automatically added to a picture gallery application but are also accessible through Dacota’s own user interface alongside other attachments. Data is stored in an SQL database and combined with external data sources such as your finance management tools for analysis in Apache SuperSet dashboards and in CartoDB maps for spatial analysis and visualization needs. All of these components are tightly integrated into a coherent whole.


Our Scrum derived development process is agile, iterative, user centric, and test driven. Short development iterations give our customers frequent opportunities to try the current state of their tailor made product and to provide us with feedback so that we can make it fit their needs even better. We take great care to ensure that our software is of the highest quality with automated tests and code reviews, employing cutting edge version management and collaboration systems internally.

To ensure sustainability we use Free and Open Source components wherever possible and support highly automated deployments to enable IT administrators with limited capacities to maintain the application in the long term. Typically, no license payments are required and any source code is handed over to the project for future maintenance  and modifications.