• SAP Services

Our approach

Many organizations working in the context of international development cooperation use SAP as their financial management system. This powerful ERP system enables to manage many business processes in an organization, but may require additional customization when an organization is confronted with new institutional donor funding and related reporting requirements. 

Based on our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the accounting and reporting requirements of the financing institutions, we starts with by analyzing the existing configuration, and assist our clients in the further development of their solution that builds on the strengths of the existing system to meet the new donor requirements.

Our services

We start with a detailed analysis of the configuration of the ERP system, its master data structures and implemented processes. If existing modules can be optimized to meet donor requirements, we work with the client and/or their SAP service provider on re-customization of the ERP system to facilitate an efficient automated reporting.

If the existing modules are not sufficient to meet the new requirements, as a certified SAP service provider, we support our clients with introduction of additional SAP modules. As reporting with SAP may often be a challenge, especially when it comes to design new reporting templates, GFA B.I.S. developed a flexible reporting solution based on Infor Q&A Datalink that connects to SAP database and facilitates real-time reporting in MS Excel.

GFA B.I.S. offers services for all stages of a project , starting with the analysis of processes and business requirements, through to system design, configuration and user training. Project management of the implementation forms an integral part of our service portfolio.