• SunSystems for Not for Profit

Our approach

Not for Profit Organizations face multiple pressures. On one hand, they must provide fully transparent financial management services including complex reporting requirements to fulfill donor requirements. On the other hand they have to organize these services in a most efficient way to reduce administrative costs to deliver the best possible service to their beneficiaries. In addition, they have to integrate different international projects and projects offices with local and international accounting and reporting requirements.

Our services

Over the past years GFA B.I.S. has developed a vertical branch solution for NGO’s based on INFOR SunSystems. The software assists internationally active NGO’s with a highly professional and cost-effective accounting and reporting system to fulfill their specific requirements in an optimized way:

Transparency by multidimensional analysis

Infor SunSystems offers up to ten flexible analysis dimensions which can be attached to every single transaction. These dimensions will be set up individually to reflect specific organizational structures and activities such as departments, donors, projects, budget lines, campaigns, regions or lines of business.

Project control by direct access to local accounting data

INFOR SunSystems supports the automated integration of local project data, regardless whether the data are Excel based or have been recorded with a local accounting system. Project managers in the headquarters can capture financial project details at transaction level in real time and get the information needed direct in Excel, without additional software.

Administrative time saving by automated donor reporting

Infor Query & Analysis can extract online accounting data for further analysis and processing in Excel and provides the immediate impact of any financial posting. This highly user friendly feature supports automated, donor specific reporting. Excel reports can be designed in the donor-specific format and updated with the latest financial data by clicking an update button in Excel. In addition Q&A allows the automated transfer of budget and reference data from Excel to INFOR SunSystems.

International compliance through global essentials

INFOR SunSystems allows to quickly and easily respond to unique business requirements in any country, be it language, currency, management reporting, statutory reporting or special accounting treatments. You can easily be compliant with multiple and changing regulatory environments and connect local accounting and reporting with regional, business unit and corporate accounting and reporting. As result the accounting system fulfills international and local accounting requirements with one common installation.

Low total costs of ownership by fast track implementation

Not for Profit Organizations are very interested in keeping the administration of their business at a minimum. In this context, the total cost of ownership over the life of the system is most relevant. Based on this we have developed proven fast track implementation standards including data migration, training and remote support.