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A team of experienced and dynamic managers and IT experts takes care of the GFA Business Intelligence Solutions portfolio of projects funded by major official development assistance (ODA) agencies worldwide. In addition, the company offers resulting knowhow to private and public customers beyond ODA.

Web-based Software Applications

Rural Water and Sanitation Project, Syria

European Investment Bank, 2010 - 2011

The objective of the project is to improve the technical and financial performance of the Damascus Water Supply and Sewerage Authority’s water and sanitation services in the area of Rural Damascus... more

Web-based Software Applications

Protected areas, Georgia

KfW, 2014 - 2017

The program helps improve natural resources and PA management on the one hand and the socio-economic situation of adjacent rural communities on the other... more

Web-based Software Applications

Promoting sanitation and hygiene Water sector reform programme (I&II), Zambia

GIZ, 2011 - 2015

Improving the legal, organizational and institutional framework of the Zambian water sector is expected to foster sustainable access to safe and reliable water and... more

Web-based Software Applications

SEWOH - “Innovation Centers for the Agriculture and Food Sector (GIAE)” – Baseline Study, Global

GIZ, 2016 - 2016

The GIZ GIAE-programme – part of BMZ’s special initiative “One World, no Hunger” – aims to raise income and employment and improve food security by promoting agricultural innovation networks... more

Web-based Software Applications

Integrated Innovation Support Program (IISP), Serbia

European Union, 2012 - 2012

The program (IISP) aims at increasing competitiveness and economic growth in the Republic of Serbia by strengthening innovation in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It comprises the improvement of institutional capacity for efficient support to product and process innovation... more

Web-based Software Applications

Municipal Infrastructure Credit Line Project, Serbia

KfW, 2012 - 2012

The project provided infrastructure investments in municipalities in the following sectors: water and sewerage, waste water, solid waste, energy supply and energy efficiency, transport infrastructure, public transport systems and communication... more

Web-based Software Applications

Decentralisation and communal development, phase 3, Benin

GIZ, 2011 - 2014

The program aims at transferring political, administrative fiscal competences from the national level to decentralized and local authorities. The latter will be enabled to deliver better and demand-oriented service... more

Web-based Software Applications

Health and Family Planning (SPFPH) III, Vietnam

KfW, 2004 - 2006

The Vietnam Commission for Population, Family and Children (VCPFC) develops and implements family planning and reproductive health services. Amongst other activities, VCPFC distributes contraceptives by means of a nationwide logistic network... more

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