The coronavirus outbreak is rapidly unfolding and affecting people all over the world. The predominant measures taken by governments to respond to the pandemic such as physical distancing, quarantine and travel restrictions are posing new challenges for project implementation and forcing to re-think the ways we work, think and collaborate.

At the same time, these measures have brought greater emphasis on digital transformation in projects and also opened opportunities for exploring new ways of working.

GFA B.I.S. has long been focused on offering to our clients and partners innovative and flexible tools that can be tailored to individual projects’ needs. Below are some examples how our solutions and approaches can assist you with your project implementation:

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

Our M&E solutions have become a standard component in many International Development Cooperation projects and are a prime tool in the digital transformation.

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Data Management and Data Analytics

Additionally, our Data Management and Data Analytics solutions have integrations with modules that facilitate remote data collection and can assist projects in places where the restrictions on movement severely limit the ability to gather information and monitor the implementation progress.

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Process Consulting

Over past years, GFA B.I.S. has structured our work and employed IT tools in a way that allow us to deliver most of the consulting work online, making heavy use of digital communication and collaboration tools. Our experience coupled with the improvements in connectivity across many of our partner countries now also enables us to deliver many of our consulting services and projects remotely.

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Digital Services:

Process Consulting: