Remote Monitoring Systems have become indispensable components in nearly all International Development projects. When monitoring project activities, project managers are currently looking at an overwhelming choice of default monitoring tools. In many instances, such as decentralized project activities, these tools do not meet the variety of requirements and priorities of the everyday project work.

Our approach

GFA B.I.S. has therefore developed the remote monitoring tool DACOTA in close cooperation with experienced project managers. DACOTA is characterised by its modular architecture, its adaptability, as well as its intuitive usability. It furthermore enables displaying project activities on a customizable map, integrates access to the project database seamlessly, and visualizes key results on a customizable dashboard.

With this overall concept, DACOTA enables project managers to continuously track trends and project results, without having to compromise on more detailled layers.

Next to the adaptability on the technical side, we equally prioritize the sustainability and longevity of our solution:

  • After a successful implementation and customization, DACOTA is fully handed over to our clients without ever charging recurring fees. We offer highly automated deployments to enable local IT administrators to maintain the application in the long term.
  • As we exclusively employ open source components no license costs are charged.
  • Recognizing data privacy-regulations, requirements of donor organisations, and potential geopolitical shifts, DACOTA can be installed on any server worldwide.


DACOTA is made up of interchangeable components which are combined to meet the needs of the individual project

On the input side, DACOTA supports a wide range of data sources, such as Excel Data or SQL Databases, allowing the frictionless import of existing monitoring solutions. 

Integrating complementary products such as mobile data collection tools, picture galleries, Dashboards and reporting tools, enable organizations to efficiently respond to day-to-day needs, as well as to meet crucial technical requirements by donor organizations. World Bank’s “Survey Solution” is for instance a much sought-after addition for DACOTA, allowing the fast implementation of mobile data collection.

In addition to data management capabilities, mapping features and attachment handling are built into the core of Dacota. Advanced data analysis and visualization features enable to gain insights quickly but remain easy to extend by technical users.

Our Scrum derived development process is agile, iterative, user centric, and test driven. Short development iterations give our customers frequent opportunities to try the current state of their tailor-made product and to provide us with feedback so that we can make it fit their needs even better.

We ensure that our software is of the highest quality with automated tests and code reviews, and by employing cutting edge version management and internal collaboration systems.

Here you can watch a short explanation video