Cotton Expert House Africa

GIZ, 2018 - 2019

Project Summary

Cotton Expert House Africa (CHA) – is a not-for-profit company founded by the Aid by Trade Foundation and GFA Consulting Group. The company promotes sustainable agricultural production in cotton-based farming systems and sustainable manufacturing within the textile value chain in Sub-saharan Africa. The main objective of the services provided by CHA is to contribute to the development of improved living conditions for smallholder farmers and employees in the textile sector. CHA provides standard-neutral advisory and knowledge management services as well as fundraising assistance.

GFA B.I.S. Services

GFA B.I.S. has provided CEHA with a CiviCRM installation that allows them to manage their contacts, send individualized mailings, and much more. For their periodic conferences, they will set up an information and registration page on the Web by simply supplying the necessary details to CiviCRM. The page itself will be automatically generated with their layout applied and a map showing the venue location automatically added. They can then select the contacts they would like to invite to the conference and do a bulk mailing that will be automatically personalized, applying information from the contact data. Invitees will receive that mail with a link to the info and registration pages and register themselves for the event. CiviCRM will keep track of registrations allowing CEHA staff to monitor and communicate with those registered through individual or bulk mailings. When the conference date nears, they can print registration lists and name tags directly from the system and monitor attendance directly therein. For next year’s conference, they can simply use the previous list of attendants as a starting point for the selection of invitees.