SV Digitization: Stakeholder Management and Trend-Scouting

GIZ, 2018 - 2022

Project Summary

The objective of the project is to further professionalize the team-internal knowledge management of the sector project Digitalization, as well as strengthen its forecasting capacity though external inputs regarding long-term trends, technology news and buzz trends.

Selected Activities:

  • Building up and maintaining a digital contact database (as opposed to the previously existing excel sheet) using a CRM system (CiviCRM)
  • Digitizing the update processes of the BMZ ICT portfolios
  • Integration of these updates into Global Campus 21 (GC21) and support in the migration to sharepoint
  • Conducting ICT portfolio updatesTrend research and trendscouting on ICT trends
  • Writing of regular (weekly) “buzzfeed” news on digital trends, as well as monthly newsletters
  • Research and proposition of experts for various digital topic

GFA B.I.S. Services

GFA B.I.S. is supporting the SV in several ways, including the setup of a CiviCRM instance for the management of the manifold contacts the SV has to maintain. The system allows the members of the SV to quickly find possible speakers for a conference based on carefully selected criteria and to organize such events directly from within. The system will hold available default layouts for various newsletters that the SV needs to send out, helping with their automatic delivery to registered recipients. At the same time, the system will support the team in adhering to regulation such as the GDPR while working with their contacts. Interested people can easily register themselves for newsletters through a Web interface, and can just as easily opt out of a newsletter again.