Sustainability and Value Added in Agricultural Supply Chains (AgriChains)

GIZ, 2021 - 2025

GIZ’s Global Program Sustainability and Value Added in Agricultural Supply Chains (AgriChains) supports sustainable agricultural practices from "shelf to field" in eleven partner countries. It works along the entire supply chains of selected agricultural commodities. To control progress and quality of its activities and to report to the BMZ, the program’s Steering Unit needs to monitor indicators and trends.

GFA B.I.S. Services

GFA B.I.S. and GFA Consulting Group were commissioned by GIZ to digitalize the AgriChains M&E system, permitting to monitor the program’s activities in a web-based platform. DACOTA was customized to integrate M&E requirements of all eleven countries plus Steering Unit into one remote monitoring system. To ensure high data quality, DACOTA includes an optional data approval process. If configured, uploaded data and changes made to the dataset need to be authorized prior to import. In DACOTA, each country can manage and filter its own data and track historical values. Tailored country dashboards enable users to monitor the status and progress of each activity and indicator. Aggregated data and global indicators and trends are tracked and evaluated by the program’s Steering Unit on separate analytical dashboards.