• Process Consulting

Our approach

Based on our experience, most of the accounting systems used by local partner organizations have all required features to enable transparent automated reporting, but are often not customized in an optimal way.

For this reason, for ongoing projects, we have developed a highly flexible approach that build on the features of the accounting system in place. The main objective of this approach is to meet donor requirements in terms of transparency and automated reporting within a short period of time.

Our services

First step will be a detailed analysis of the existing accounting systems configuration. If existing accounting systems can be optimized to meet donor requirements, we re-customize the accounting software to facilitate an efficient automated reporting. Our consultants have an extensive working experience with most relevant ERP systems, and have detailed know-how of system design and customizing. In addition, we have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the accounting and reporting requirements of the financing institutions in question that places us in a unique position to deliver our clients an effective solution.

If existing accounting systems cannot be sufficiently optimized, GFA B.I.S. consultants oversee or assist in the implementation of a new system that will meet the donor requirements. In order to ensure a smooth transition while the new system is not fully operational, we offer optional implementation of a temporary accounting system at the partner organization.

GFA B.I.S. offers services for all stages of a project , starting with the analysis of processes and business requirements, through to system design, configuration and documentation. User training, ongoing support and maintenance are an integral part of our service portfolio.