Our approach

International Development Cooperation is a social business: Projects involve people from many different organizations. These may be donors, partner organizations, experts and beneficiaries.

Communication is key to working with people and it can easily become a daunting task to manage your communications when a large number of contacts is involved. You need to keep track of contact details. You need to contact people individually, send out bulk notifications or newsletters. You may need to organize your contacts into groups for targeted communication. You may want to invite them to events that you organize, provide information on those events through a website, allow them to sign up on-line, manage attendance and follow up on the event with those who attended. You may even need to follow your contacts through a complex series of activities and keep track of their status.
CiviCRM is a Contact Management System that caters to all of those needs and many more. It comes with a vast set of functionalities out of the box but can still be extended and embedded in a website for more power and flexibility. That way you will, e.g., be able to expose things like subscription to newsletters or sign-up to your events to the public.

Our services

GFA B.I.S. helps you to identify the needs of your project that can be covered by CiviCRM. We will then set up the system and host it for as long as your project runs. Our support will always be available when you just cannot find out how to do that thing.

CiviCRM was designed specifically for NGOs and settings such as International Development Cooperation which makes it a perfect fit for projects in that area. Since CiviCRM is standard software, we will be able to configure the system for you rapidly and at low cost. Its nature as major free and open source software project helps in keeping cost low but also ensures a high quality and a maximum level of security for your sensitive data.