We offer our clients commercial and open source-based solutions in the area of International Development Cooperation, the NGO sector and for private customers. Our clients include a wide range of donors such as The Global Fund, Millennium Challenge Cooperation (MCC), World Bank; KfW, GIZ, GAVI, CDC and European Commission. Since 2002 we realized over 100 IT projects worldwide.

For FINANCIAL SERVICES, we are partnering with Infor and SAP, two of the biggest ERP vendors worldwide. For fund management projects and NGO’s, we rely on Infor SunSystems and Infor Query and Analysis, a professional standard software package that combines powerful analysis capabilities, fast track implementation and a fully customizable real time reporting tool based on MS Excel®. Currently, the total fund volume managed by software solutions implemented by GFA B.I.S. exceeds five billion US Dollars. In addition, through our SAP open Eco system partnership, we are providing implementation management services for SAP installations.