Program for Technical and Vocational Education and Employment for Young People (PAFPE)

KFW, 2017 - 2024

To enhance the quality and the access to technical and vocational training of the youth in Togo, KfW implements construction and rehabilitation works in public TVET centers. The fragile secu­rity context made it necessary to set up a remote monitor­ing system that en­ables to track and control the entire con­struction and rehabilitation works – in terms of financial and technical planning as well as the implementation thereof.

GFA B.I.S. Services

GFA B.I.S. was commissioned by GFA Consulting Group to customize DACOTA to KfW’s monitoring, management and verifica­tion requirements in the PAFPE programme. DACOTA’s user interface allows to manage technical and financial data clustered by project phase and construction site. It includes a search and browse function throughout all data with filters and flexible sorting and enables users to track changes made to the data set. Tailored technical dashboards permit to monitor status and progress of all decen­tralized construction and rehabilitation works. Users can track payments and funds e.g. per school building, sector or contractor on a sepa­rate financial dashboard. As all data can be exported at any time, DACOTA permits to generate Excel-based progress reports fulfilling KfW’S reporting requirements.